Ideal For
Medical Cannabis

Paraguay’s climate is well suited for the production of marijuana. The combination of sub-tropical climate, long mean solar time and ample water supply (sits on top of one of the Guarani Aquifer, one of the world’s largest freshwater aquifers) which combines to allow for 4 harvests annually.


Economic Growth

Paraguay has achieved impressive economic growth over the last 15 years. The economy grew at 4.5 percent per year on average (2004-2017), faster than most of its regional neighbours and is politically one of the most stable countries in all of Latin America.



Paraguay is already a world-renowned exporter of agricultural products: #3 producer of organic cane sugar, #4 soybean exporter and the #7 Chia seed exporter in the world.

Paraguay is co-owner of the Itaipu, Acaray and Yacyreta hydroelectric dams and is a net exporter of energy.